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As a reliable internationally certified bags product manufacturer, We provide global brands with eco-friendly tote bags, backpacks, cooler bags&lunch bags, duffel bag&travel bags, lifestyle bags, sports &gym bags, drawstring bags, and other nylon、polyester 、oxford、cotton 、canvas、PVC、TPU、neoprene, and leather fabric products and high-quality services at very reasonable prices to enhance your brands. Let Us help you custom bag the products you need.

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We have been acting professionally in OEM tote bags, backpacks, cooler bags&lunch bags, duffel travel bags, lifestyle bags, sports &gym bags, drawstring bags, and other nylon、polyester 、oxford、cotton 、canvas、PVC、TPU、neoprene, and leather fabric products manufacturing industry for the past 20 years150 million Bags of products come through our factory each year, being exported to countries and regions worldwide.

What do we provide for you?

Extensive Range of Bag Products

Here at sewing-bag, we help build your brand with our extensive range of products with more than 3500 developed styles and endless custom possibilities that are ready to react to any nylon、polyester 、oxford、cotton 、canvas、PVC、TPU、neoprene, and leather fabric bags products need

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The benefits And Value We can Bring To You


Sample making 1-3 day


Fast delivery in 1-10 days helps you to take more share of the market


No complaints, no minor hassles for your customers, which will make your sales worry-free


Fully automatic equipment manufacturing process for each customer to save production costs and make it more competitive


Put forward your ideas, we design to production completion, for you to save more intermediate costs


Qualified by BSCI ,Disney ,ISO9001,SGS

Certification Guarantee

International standardized certification and recognition, so that our workflow, product quality, and management level maintain a high degree of worldwide consistency, ensuring the safe use of each customer.

After obtaining the certificate, enterprises are able to improve product quality by implementing standards, improving and perfecting management, so that each pipe household is satisfied.

Official certification by third parties, so that products and services are secure and standardized, and every item delivered to the customer is guaranteed.

last but not least...

Your product is produced in reliable factory like our already cooperating international brand partners below:

We Provide One-stop Service For Bags Products Made

1-Business Contact
2-Sample Creation
3-Material Preparing
4-Material Cutting
5-Bulk Production
6-Quality Inspection
7-Product Packaging
8-Cargo Warehousing

Listen To What They Say To Us

Andrew Jackson

22nd Oct,2021 America

The customer’s newly developed product, has looked for 10 suppliers for technical and price discussion, and finally chose us, when he got the product is very satisfied, he is very happy that he has made the right choice

Carl Parein

13th Dec,2019 France

The customer decided to participate in the European exhibition at short notice, we took three days to produce and finish all the products and objects needed for the exhibition.

Daniel Garcia

25th May,2010 Australia

Professional OEM ODM neoprene products Factory,customers only put forward their own ideas and preliminary drafts, we provide a free design and drawing service within a day, to solve the customer missed or neglected the details of the work

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